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Proper Girlfriend Experience In Singapore?

Now, in my previous post, I talked about the difference between social escorts and prostitutes. In this post, you can watch the video below to hear a real social escort in Singapore explaining the difference.

If you feel lazy to watch the above video, the biggest difference is that one is focused on sexual services (and prostitution/pimping is strictly illegal in Singapore – any agency caught selling such services is liable for jail time – including you)

On the other hand, the other is focused on providing a ‘girlfriend experience’ (known as GFE in Singapore). Therefore, legitimate social escort agencies are focused on selling professional female models’ time to accompany you to social events and are basically ‘girlfriends for hire’. Escorts are really just pretty arm candies who will boost your status or talk to you and be a temporary shoulder for you to lean on. As such, most customers of social escort agencies in Singapore are actually well known businessmen and very top surgeons. This is why the nature of this industry is very private due to the high requirements for privacy by these clients. They are usually very expensive to engage as they’re highly professional in their job scope.

Just a kind note that the number of actually legal social escort agencies in Singapore are very low, as most are not registered and are likely illegal. Before you engage the services for yourself, make sure to check that the agency which services you are engaging is actually registered with the Singapore government and approved. The simplest and easiest way to find out is to check out their about page on their official websites and see if there is a official ACRA UEN number issued by the Singapore government. If there is, then simply plug it into ACRA’s bizfile.gov.sg website to see if it exists. If it does, congrats! It’s legal and you can engage their services. Otherwise, be wary…