What Is The Difference Between Social Escorts And Prostitutes?

If you’re wondering if there actually is a difference, the short answer is a resounding yes.

Here are some of the differences between social escorts and prostitutes.

First of all, there is a lot of misconception about social escorts in Singapore. Some people confuse them with sex workers, but they are not. Social escorts are simply girls (usually) who will accompany their clients to dates or events. Social escorts provide companionship to their clients. They are not supposed to engage in any sexual activities with the clients as part of their services.

Second of all, managers of legitimate and registered social escort companies in Singapore are not pimps. This is because they do not profit off nor sell sexual services to their clients. They are simply managers who match up clients with their desired girl for escort services. Just like you wouldn’t call a matchmaker a pimp, it’s wrong to call a agency manager that too.

Third of all, prostitution is often highly regulated or illegal in many countries, and soliciting for it is strictly illegal in Singapore. On the other hand, social escort agencies are perfectly legal in Singapore, although competition is very tough (but that’s a different issue altogether).

There are fine lines in between both of them on paper, but in practice, they’re very different because one is perfectly legal under all circumstances, while the other may not in certain circumstances in Singapore (e.g. public soliciting or pimps). Take note of them.

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