How To Get A Girlfriend Experience In Singapore? (GFE)

First of all, the girlfriend experience is actually the experience and feelings you get when you have a girlfriend, except that it’s bought. For instance, a girlfriend will shower you with love, care, concern and lovey dovey looks and romantic gestures.

Many rich and successful but extremely time constrained men like to engage social escorts for girlfriend experience. This is because for many hardworking career driven men in Singapore, there is little to no time to date at all! This means that because they are so busy studying when they are young, and working when they are adults, they are rich now but have no time to date properly.

Of course, in every industry, there are legal companies and illegal companies. Illegal companies provide the girlfriend experience with ‘full service’, including sexual services. Legal companies in Singapore only provides romantic companionship with their girlfriend experience. They strictly do not condone and do not help to arrange for any sexual services under all circumstances.

So how do you get a girlfriend experience (GFE) in Singapore safely from legal companies? The easiest way to do so is to Google for these social escort agencies. However, only a tiny handful of companies and websites in Singapore are truly legitimate, and whose services are great and they are legally licensed companies. One example of a licensed social escort company in Singapore is SG VIP Escorts ( Specializing in Singaporean girls, their escort models are truly beautiful and give a great, romantic girlfriend experience to customers, and that is why many customers go back to them over and over again.

Why Do Men In Singapore Engage Escorts?

To tell the truth, most men who like to engage social escort models are actually attached in some way or another. So why do men like to engage social escorts from agencies like Is it because their wives or girlfriends are not providing them with emotional satisfaction anymore? Here are some likely reasons why men find escorts:

  • Marriage can get stagnant. Marriage, just like business, takes work to keep it going strong. However, there are some couples who no longer work on improving their relationship, and therefore, couples feel that their marriage has gone stale, so some men will go elsewhere to find the emotional satisfaction that they long for (yes, men need emotional satisfaction as well, not just women).
  • Sometimes, there’s just fun in going out with a gorgeous girl with no strings attached. You may not necessarily want to go into a long term relationship with a girl with all the girls you meet all the time, but that’s a problem because most girls in Singapore only want to date to marry and not for fun. Therefore, looking for social escorts is the best no strings attached way to go about doing this!
  • Some expatriates may not have their spouses accompany them to business and social events in Singapore. This means that they will probably be going to events alone unless they engage a social escorts. As having a beautiful woman will usually elevate a man’s status, most top business executives will splash out big bucks to go out with a model.
  • If you are not yet ready to settle down, be married and have kids, then there is no need to go around dating girls only to break their hearts eventually. That is a waste of your time and also hurts these girls. Instead, you can find an escort, who is always no strings attached. You still get romantic companionship without the emotional hassles – what a save of time.
  • Some men find it awkward to go to the bar by themselves, and perhaps their best buddies are not in Singapore. So why not engage a beautiful female social escort model to accompany them? This is something that wealthy men can do on a frequent enough basis in Singapore. After all, drinking is always made better with a gorgeous lady by your side.
  • Some men just want to let out their hearts. They do not know who to tell their woes too, and perhaps family and friends are not suited. Yet there is no real counsellor for general unhappiness, and it is not extreme enough to find a doctor. Therefore, they simply want a companion who will keep them company, and behave like a girlfriend and listening ear, so that he will not feel so bottled up.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, though it definitely encompasses some of the main reasons why most men look for social escorts in Singapore.

How To Pick Up Girls In Singapore? ModernMan Academy Tips!

Have you ever wondered how should you pick up a girl in Singapore? Singapore girls may appear to be different compared to girls from Western countries such as United States of America. Some of the great pick up methods in USA needs to be tweaked to work effectively in Singapore.

Singaporean girls are relatively more conservative when it comes to getting picked up in public. In fact, while girls from Western countries will be open to getting picked up in public, Singaporean girls may not even reply you even if they like you if they are in a group or public setting.

If you like local Singaporean girls, the video below has some great tips by ModernMan Academy (Make sure to follow them on YouTube too).

However, if you prefer the easier way and simply pay for a rental girlfriend, then get an escort at SG VIP Escorts agency. That way you get a social escort (who is essentially a rental girlfriend) to accompany you immediately – no hassles. When it comes to social escorts, there is no need to jump through unnecessary hoops. This is especially if you are not looking to settle down yet, there is no point to date seriously (and it’s immoral to date to throw the girl aside for sure afterwards) – so just date local social escorts in between. You get what you want – companionship. She gets what she wants – money.

Why Social Escorts Are Better Than Flings

If you’re a typical Singaporean guy, I’m very sure that you have heard your guy friends trying to get you to go to the club with them so that everyone can try to get a girl at the club for a short term relationship. However, it is actually a much better idea to hire a professional social escort model from an agency if you just want a relationship fling and here are the reasons why~

  1. When you engage a legitimate agency in Singapore, you will get what you see on their website. This means that you get to pick the ‘perfect’ girl who suits your tastes to go out with you. When you go to the club to pick up a girl, there is an element of luck, as there’s no guarantee that a girl who is your ‘type’ will show up that night, much less go out with you. However, with a social escort, you are guaranteed to end up with a girl who is exactly your type.
  2. Sometimes, even a girl whom you only want to have a short-term relationship with may end up developing love and emotions for you, causing a lot of hassles and troubles. However, with a social escort model girl, there is no question at all. Once the date is over, everything is erased.
  3. A social escort knows how to actually talk. There is a reason they’re hired as social escorts – not only because they look good, but because they are good conversationalists. With a random girl from the club, you never know what you are dealing with – she may be completely brain dead lol.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, the highest quality social escorts in Singapore are actually very highly educated, eloquent and well dressed girls. It is a great joy to go out with a high quality social escort in SG.

Proper Girlfriend Experience In Singapore?

Now, in my previous post, I talked about the difference between social escorts and prostitutes. In this post, you can watch the video below to hear a real social escort in Singapore explaining the difference.

If you feel lazy to watch the above video, the biggest difference is that one is focused on sexual services (and prostitution/pimping is strictly illegal in Singapore – any agency caught selling such services is liable for jail time – including you)

On the other hand, the other is focused on providing a ‘girlfriend experience’ (known as GFE in Singapore). Therefore, legitimate social escort agencies are focused on selling professional female models’ time to accompany you to social events and are basically ‘girlfriends for hire’. Escorts are really just pretty arm candies who will boost your status or talk to you and be a temporary shoulder for you to lean on. As such, most customers of social escort agencies in Singapore are actually well known businessmen and very top surgeons. This is why the nature of this industry is very private due to the high requirements for privacy by these clients. They are usually very expensive to engage as they’re highly professional in their job scope.

Just a kind note that the number of actually legal social escort agencies in Singapore are very low, as most are not registered and are likely illegal. Before you engage the services for yourself, make sure to check that the agency which services you are engaging is actually registered with the Singapore government and approved. The simplest and easiest way to find out is to check out their about page on their official websites and see if there is a official ACRA UEN number issued by the Singapore government. If there is, then simply plug it into ACRA’s website to see if it exists. If it does, congrats! It’s legal and you can engage their services. Otherwise, be wary…

What Is The Difference Between Social Escorts And Prostitutes?

If you’re wondering if there actually is a difference, the short answer is a resounding yes.

Here are some of the differences between social escorts and prostitutes.

First of all, there is a lot of misconception about social escorts in Singapore. Some people confuse them with sex workers, but they are not. Social escorts are simply girls (usually) who will accompany their clients to dates or events. Social escorts provide companionship to their clients. They are not supposed to engage in any sexual activities with the clients as part of their services.

Second of all, managers of legitimate and registered social escort companies in Singapore are not pimps. This is because they do not profit off nor sell sexual services to their clients. They are simply managers who match up clients with their desired girl for escort services. Just like you wouldn’t call a matchmaker a pimp, it’s wrong to call a agency manager that too.

Third of all, prostitution is often highly regulated or illegal in many countries, and soliciting for it is strictly illegal in Singapore. On the other hand, social escort agencies are perfectly legal in Singapore, although competition is very tough (but that’s a different issue altogether).

There are fine lines in between both of them on paper, but in practice, they’re very different because one is perfectly legal under all circumstances, while the other may not in certain circumstances in Singapore (e.g. public soliciting or pimps). Take note of them.

If you’re looking for a legitimate social escort agency in Singapore, you may want to check out SG VIP Escorts, their website is at:

Is It Really Difficult To Date A Girl In Singapore?

Most Singaporean men complain that it is difficult to find a suitable girl to date in Singapore, because girls have supposedly unrealistic and sky high expectations of men in Singapore. However, is this really true? Let’s take a closer look at this issue which is usually hotly debated in SG.

First of all, let us first try to understand the mindset of women in Singapore so that we’ll know how to better tackle this issue. Most women growing up in Singapore are used to a very competitive and challenging environment in school, and this is also exacerbated by the pressure from ‘Tiger moms’. Essentially, this means that girls among themselves are already very status conscious (e.g. results in school, and subsequently, career and money wise) as well as competitive. Naturally, when most women in Singapore have such high standards of themselves and that of men, they only want to date men who are of high-calibre and are high-income earners. Of course, as different women have different opinions of what’s considered high-quality, it is not accurate to say that all women in Singapore have ridiculously high standards.

Second of all, men will need to be honest with themselves. If you could end up with a prettier girl, ceteris paribus, would you choose not so pretty girl? No way!!! Exactly. This is a natural selection process, and both men and women will want the best mate they can find to date and eventually maybe marry. No one wants to marry a person who is less than their ideal. Therefore, women around the world all want men who are as handsome, rich and good looking as much as possible, and this is also the case for Singaporean women. Perhaps in more rural suburbs of foreign countries, the population is very small and thus being so picky is difficult. However, in Singapore, there is a very high population density and so women (and men) tend to be more picky in general. Therefore, in this respect, if you find Singaporean women being picky, it’s nothing to do with the ladies. It has to do with Singapore’s high population density. Most ‘city dwellers’ are more picky.

Third of all, if you’re a Singaporean or even a PR man, chances are, you will have wasted two years of your life serving National Service (NS) in Singapore. These two years is happening while your female peers are either entering the workforce and/or is going to university. As a result, most men will find themselves being looked down on by women of their same age, as they’re financially slower. This is why most men in Singapore will date women 2 years younger or more. However, if you find yourself wanting to date girls of your age, you will find it difficult to find a girl like that due to the materialistic nature of most women in Singapore.

Therefore, in conclusion, yes, it will be relatively more difficult for Singaporean men to date women in Singapore as opposed to men in other more rural countries dating their own women.

However, if you’re just desperate for a ‘girlfriend experience‘ as you’re getting older but don’t want to get married or date seriously still, then just look for social escort agencies in Singapore where you pay them by the hour. Their services are generally in the 3 to 4 figures range, so unless you’re loaded, don’t look for them. But if you’re loaded, good news, you’re able to easily ‘date’ a girl through a social escort agency with no strings attached!