Wedding Photography Venues In Singapore For You

There are lots of exciting wedding photography venues in Singapore that you can and should explore for your pre-wedding photo shoot session.

The following are some of the best places that has suggested to us when I first got married with my wife. There are far more stunning places than you may think when it comes to Singapore. Despite it’s small size, it offers stunning landscapes and wedding photography venues.

henderson waves wedding photo shoot

A) Henderson Waves (Above photo credits to:

Located at the Southern Ridges, Henderson Waves make for a very beautiful background for your wedding photographs.

I would have to say that due to its structure and material, it looks very modern yet feels like it is part of nature at the same time. With its futuristic design yet wooden material, it makes for a truly astounding wedding photo shoot location in Singapore.

hort park

B) Hort Park (Photo credits to:

A less known park in Singapore, Hort Park looks really magical and mystical with the vast grounds, secluded roads, and the lack of any man made structures in the immediate surrounding vicinity. I think the Hort Park in Singapore makes for a very beautiful wedding photography venue – what do you think?

Seletar North Link

C) Seletar North Link (Photo credits to:

Another amazing wedding photography location in Singapore, Seletar North Link can be really inconvenient to get to, even by car. However, it is a really beautiful place with a mystical feeling to it. If you want something really different from the ordinary looking pre-wedding photographs that you usually see taken in Singapore, then Seletar North Link is definitely a good choice.

punggol beach


Tips to source for wedding photographers in Singapore

There are so many wedding photographers in Singapore. The wedding photographers can be freelancing, working in a wedding photography company, or working in a general wedding studio. All of these independent wedding photographers, wedding photography companies and wedding studios advertise their wedding photography services aggressively in the market. There is little wonder that consumers are literally spoil for choice when they are browsing through the list of vendors offering wedding photography services in Singapore.

With so many wedding photographers out there, how do you find out the one that will best meet your requirement (in terms of professionalism and price)?

The first thing most people do is to ask for recommendations and referrals from their families and close friends. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. People trust the words of their families and close friends. Ask your family members and close friends whether they know any good wedding photographers around in Singapore and if they have personally used their wedding photography services in the past? If your family members and close friends have hired the wedding photographers in the past and continues to recommend their services, then chances are the wedding photographers are indeed good. If you managed to find a good wedding photographer that meets your requirements through your family and friends, then good for you! If not, you will have to try other methods.

You can also research about the wedding photographers yourself. Go online and research about all the available wedding photographers in Singapore. You will need to know their package details, prices, and reviews. Their package details and prices are usually listed on their websites. If not, you can send an email or make a call to the wedding photographers to ask about them. As for the reviews, you can check out review sites and forums to see comments about the wedding photographers. Ideally, you will choose a wedding photographer that meet your requirements and possess a good reputation online. If you are lazy and wants to settle the procurement of wedding photography service fast, you can sign up with the wedding photographer at this stage. If not, you may want to meet the photographers and test their skills by asking them difficult photography related questions and checking out their portfolio physically.