Wedding Photography Venues In Singapore For You

There are lots of exciting wedding photography venues in Singapore that you can and should explore for your pre-wedding photo shoot session.

The following are some of the best places that has suggested to us when I first got married with my wife. There are far more stunning places than you may think when it comes to Singapore. Despite it’s small size, it offers stunning landscapes and wedding photography venues.

henderson waves wedding photo shoot

A) Henderson Waves (Above photo credits to:

Located at the Southern Ridges, Henderson Waves make for a very beautiful background for your wedding photographs.

I would have to say that due to its structure and material, it looks very modern yet feels like it is part of nature at the same time. With its futuristic design yet wooden material, it makes for a truly astounding wedding photo shoot location in Singapore.

hort park

B) Hort Park (Photo credits to:

A less known park in Singapore, Hort Park looks really magical and mystical with the vast grounds, secluded roads, and the lack of any man made structures in the immediate surrounding vicinity. I think the Hort Park in Singapore makes for a very beautiful wedding photography venue – what do you think?

Seletar North Link

C) Seletar North Link (Photo credits to:

Another amazing wedding photography location in Singapore, Seletar North Link can be really inconvenient to get to, even by car. However, it is a really beautiful place with a mystical feeling to it. If you want something really different from the ordinary looking pre-wedding photographs that you usually see taken in Singapore, then Seletar North Link is definitely a good choice.

punggol beach


Getting ready for your pre wedding photography

The thought of prewedding photography will get people excited. Some people may be nervous about the procedures and poses during the pre wedding photography. Some people, especially the grooms, may dread about the need to wear thick clothes under the hot sun during the outdoor pre wedding photo shoot. Some people may not even be able to fall asleep at night visualizing the actual day of their pre wedding photography. All these are understandable as pre wedding photo shoot is after all most people’s first time taking part in a photo shoot uniquely set up for themselves. Moreover, we all want to look great during our wedding photo shoot and produce the most beautiful wedding photographs out there.

To calm your nerves and prepare for your pre wedding photo shoot so you do not mess it up during the actual day, these are some things you will need to do:

1. Research and practice some intimate poses with your spouse. During the pre wedding photo shoot, you will be required to carry out intimate poses with your spouse. If you are not good at posing or if you will feel shy to pose in front of strangers (i.e. the wedding photographer and passer-by), you may be displaying some awkward poses or expressions during the photo shoot. It will make your photographs look really awkward. To mitigate this issue, you can practice some intimate poses with your spouses beforehand. Get comfortable carrying out the poses with your spouse first. During the actual day, try to visualize and feel the same comfort level when you are carrying out the poses and ignore everyone around you.

2. Plan all the logistical needs for the pre wedding photo shoot for you and your spouse. Generate a list of all the essential items that you will need to bring to the wedding photo shoot. These include sets of suits and gowns, shoes, make up equipment, sunblock lotion and a towel (if you perspires easily under the sun).

3. Get ready contingency plans in case the wedding photo shoot cannot go according to the main plan. Discuss with your photographer on the alternative plan to take if certain events occur (such as rain and the location being unavailable to public).