Famous Singapore Wedding Photography And Videography Studios

Here are some of the most famous wedding photography and video companies in Singapore.

First up, it would definitely be none other than the one and only Grandeur Wedding Studio Pte Ltd. Situated at 16 Purvis St, Grandeur some has of the very best wedding photographers that I have met in Singapore. Possessing both technical photography skills as well as customer service skills, couples that have worked with Grandeur Wedding Studio Pte Ltd only have nothing but praises for them. They also provide discounts with affiliated gown rental companies, but let’s not focus on gowns today. One thing you might want to note though is that they only provide wedding photo shoots (both pre-wedding as well as actual day) in Singapore. If you want overseas (out of Singapore), then you need to get another studio to take photographs for you.

… Which then leads us to the second wedding studio I’m going to be sharing with you in this article – Nat Studios. Specializing in taking amazing looking wedding photographs at random countries around the world, Nat Studios takes vibrant looking wedding images for couples at places ranging from Paris in France to Kyoto in Japan.

serangoon broadway singapore

Our next wedding photography studio I’m going to be sharing with you specializes in indoor shoots – Serangoon Broadway Studio & Bridal Palace Pte Ltd. This company specializes mostly in indoor shoots (at least, to the best of my knowledge). They have amazing looking (wallpaper) backdrops which couples can choose from as the background of their wedding photos. I think Serangoon Broadway is a great choice for couples who prefer indoors and having the entire photo shoot over and done with within a shorter period of time instead of dedicating an entire day to it. When it comes to indoor shoots, it usually only takes 2-3 hours for a pre-wedding photo shoot. However, when it comes to outdoor shoots, it would be at least 5 hours long in length.