What To Ask A bridal gown boutique

Before you go out and find your gown rental boutique in Singapore, there are several questions you should prep before hand. Here are absolutely important and essential questions that you need to ask your bridal gown boutique.

1) Always ask the bridal gown rental boutique when you can collect and return the gown. Some boutiques allow for the rental and pick up of the item only on the actual day of the photo shoot and you need to return at the end of the day. Other bridal boutiques in Singapore allow you to pick it up right away on the day of the booking and return it anytime within a few months.

2) Ask the bridal gown rental company how you can pick up the dress. This is because some bridal boutiques in Singapore might ask a courier to pick up your wedding dress and send it to your desired location on the actual day that you require it. On the other hand, some boutiques need you to go to their office and pick it up by yourself. It is better to always find out rather than to blindly assume anything in the end.

3) Ask if there are any free trying on of wedding gowns on the booking day. Some bridal boutiques like Dream Weddings usually will allow customers to try up to 2 times for free. The reason why some boutiques do not necessarily allow customers to try them on for free is because they need to send it for dry-washing each time. If the customers do not end up purchasing from them and yet try on many pieces of dresses, the boutique will make a big loss. Therefore, most bridal gown rental companies offer free trying ons, but only a limited number of it.

Finally, if you have not already noticed, most bridal dress rental companies in Singapore only focus on the bride. Some boutiques might not even offer a suit or tuxedo for the groom. If your groom has a great looking piece of suit or tuxedo, then opt for the package choice which does not provide a suit and rent only the bridal dress. This is usually much cheaper too.