Why Do Men In Singapore Engage Escorts?

To tell the truth, most men who like to engage social escort models are actually attached in some way or another. So why do men like to engage social escorts from agencies like https://www.facebook.com/sgvipservices/? Is it because their wives or girlfriends are not providing them with emotional satisfaction anymore? Here are some likely reasons why men find escorts:

  • Marriage can get stagnant. Marriage, just like business, takes work to keep it going strong. However, there are some couples who no longer work on improving their relationship, and therefore, couples feel that their marriage has gone stale, so some men will go elsewhere to find the emotional satisfaction that they long for (yes, men need emotional satisfaction as well, not just women).
  • Sometimes, there’s just fun in going out with a gorgeous girl with no strings attached. You may not necessarily want to go into a long term relationship with a girl with all the girls you meet all the time, but that’s a problem because most girls in Singapore only want to date to marry and not for fun. Therefore, looking for social escorts is the best no strings attached way to go about doing this!
  • Some expatriates may not have their spouses accompany them to business and social events in Singapore. This means that they will probably be going to events alone unless they engage a social escorts. As having a beautiful woman will usually elevate a man’s status, most top business executives will splash out big bucks to go out with a model.

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