Is It Really Difficult To Date A Girl In Singapore?

Most Singaporean men complain that it is difficult to find a suitable girl to date in Singapore, because girls have supposedly unrealistic and sky high expectations of men in Singapore. However, is this really true? Let’s take a closer look at this issue which is usually hotly debated in SG.

First of all, let us first try to understand the mindset of women in Singapore so that we’ll know how to better tackle this issue. Most women growing up in Singapore are used to a very competitive and challenging environment in school, and this is also exacerbated by the pressure from ‘Tiger moms’. Essentially, this means that girls among themselves are already very status conscious (e.g. results in school, and subsequently, career and money wise) as well as competitive. Naturally, when most women in Singapore have such high standards of themselves and that of men, they only want to date men who are of high-calibre and are high-income earners. Of course, as different women have different opinions of what’s considered high-quality, it is not accurate to say that all women in Singapore have ridiculously high standards.

Second of all, men will need to be honest with themselves. If you could end up with a prettier girl, ceteris paribus, would you choose not so pretty girl? No way!!! Exactly. This is a natural selection process, and both men and women will want the best mate they can find to date and eventually maybe marry. No one wants to marry a person who is less than their ideal. Therefore, women around the world all want men who are as handsome, rich and good looking as much as possible, and this is also the case for Singaporean women. Perhaps in more rural suburbs of foreign countries, the population is very small and thus being so picky is difficult. However, in Singapore, there is a very high population density and so women (and men) tend to be more picky in general. Therefore, in this respect, if you find Singaporean women being picky, it’s nothing to do with the ladies. It has to do with Singapore’s high population density. Most ‘city dwellers’ are more picky.

Third of all, if you’re a Singaporean or even a PR man, chances are, you will have wasted two years of your life serving National Service (NS) in Singapore. These two years is happening while your female peers are either entering the workforce and/or is going to university. As a result, most men will find themselves being looked down on by women of their same age, as they’re financially slower. This is why most men in Singapore will date women 2 years younger or more. However, if you find yourself wanting to date girls of your age, you will find it difficult to find a girl like that due to the materialistic nature of most women in Singapore.

Therefore, in conclusion, yes, it will be relatively more difficult for Singaporean men to date women in Singapore as opposed to men in other more rural countries dating their own women.

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