Pay attention to your actual day photographer

We will need to pay attention to the actual day wedding photographer to make his job of capturing beautiful wedding photographs during the actual day wedding event easier. Some people may be too excited and engrossed in the wedding day’s events and totally forget about the presence of the photographer. Some others may think that since they are paying for the photographer’s service, the photographer should carry out his job dutifully without any help from the wedding couple. While there is no right or wrong, with some considerate planning and help from the wedding couple, the AD bridal photographer can take much nicer wedding photographs during the wedding.

Here are some things the wedding couples can do for the wedding photographer:

1. Grant him access to all premises during the entire wedding day. The wedding day typically starts at the bride’s and groom’s houses. In order for the AD bridal photographer to develop a comprehensive wedding album painting the full details of the wedding day, it is necessary for him to start taking pictures of the wedding couples during their preparations. For this, he will need access to their dressing rooms. During the rest of the day, the photographer must be allowed to go anywhere he want to and not be restricted to a certain area only.

2. Notice the wedding photographer from time to time and smile for the camera. It is good to take candid shots of the wedding couples. Most of the pictures inside the wedding album should comprise of candid shots. It will paint a natural setting and atmosphere of the day. However, it is good to notice where the photographer is from time to time so that you can position yourself nicely for the camera. For instance, when you are on the stage and the photographer is taking pictures of you far away, be sure to position your body towards him. If your back is facing him, he can’t take a good shot of you unless he moves to the other end of the ballroom quickly.

3. Provide meals for the photographer. It is a considerate act to keep the photographer fed throughout the day. It should be expected of the wedding couple to set aside a portion of the food for the photographer. The photographer should be fed at the same time as the wedding couples. This will usually be considered break time for them. The photographer will not have much time to travel elsewhere to buy food unless the break time is very long.

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