How much should I pay for wedding photography in Singapore?

Although there are no definitive answers to this, I can confidently tell you the range of prices that you should pay for your wedding photography services.

If you are only looking for wedding photography and not intending to hire a videographer, the prices would generally be between $1000 up till $2500 (this is the approximate pricing in Singapore for EITHER pre-wedding or actual day photo shoot, not both). There is such a variance in the prices because of 2 main reasons. The first reason would definitely be the quality of the wedding photographs. A top wedding photography company would definitely charge slightly higher but still reasonable and not dirt cheap prices – so you would be paying for the brand name in some cases. Secondly, some photographers or photography studios may provide you with more features in their packages – e.g. provision of a flush mount album e.t.c. Things like a flush mount album can be pretty expensive, so do not underestimate the costs you will incur if you want things like a beautiful looking flush mount album (which is scratch-proof and water-proof). In short, expect to pay between $1000 to $2500 for an actual day or pre-wedding photography package in Singapore. Naturally, you would need to pay double if you want both photography packages, which is what most couples do.

If you also want a videography package, then the pricing may differ significantly. It is approximately $1500 to $3000 for actual day wedding videography, and it is approximately $1500 up to $5000 for a pre-wedding concept video. This is because the videographers will also need to write a script and think of scenes to film both you and your fiance. These scenes would also usually need to be filmed against different backdrops and with different clothing. Because it may take more than 1 day to finish the filming of such a prewedding concept video, you can expect to pay significantly more. Fewer couples in Singapore opt for such a concept video, except for the more adventurous and fun-going ones. For others, I would just recommend you to definitely pick up the actual day wedding videography packages from the studio which services you’re engaging.

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