Pay attention to your actual day photographer

We will need to pay attention to the actual day wedding photographer to make his job of capturing beautiful wedding photographs during the actual day wedding event easier. Some people may be too excited and engrossed in the wedding day’s events and totally forget about the presence of the photographer. Some others may think that since they are paying for the photographer’s service, the photographer should carry out his job dutifully without any help from the wedding couple. While there is no right or wrong, with some considerate planning and help from the wedding couple, the AD bridal photographer can take much nicer wedding photographs during the wedding.

Here are some things the wedding couples can do for the wedding photographer:

1. Grant him access to all premises during the entire wedding day. The wedding day typically starts at the bride’s and groom’s houses. In order for the AD bridal photographer to develop a comprehensive wedding album painting the full details of the wedding day, it is necessary for him to start taking pictures of the wedding couples during their preparations. For this, he will need access to their dressing rooms. During the rest of the day, the photographer must be allowed to go anywhere he want to and not be restricted to a certain area only.

2. Notice the wedding photographer from time to time and smile for the camera. It is good to take candid shots of the wedding couples. Most of the pictures inside the wedding album should comprise of candid shots. It will paint a natural setting and atmosphere of the day. However, it is good to notice where the photographer is from time to time so that you can position yourself nicely for the camera. For instance, when you are on the stage and the photographer is taking pictures of you far away, be sure to position your body towards him. If your back is facing him, he can’t take a good shot of you unless he moves to the other end of the ballroom quickly.

3. Provide meals for the photographer. It is a considerate act to keep the photographer fed throughout the day. It should be expected of the wedding couple to set aside a portion of the food for the photographer. The photographer should be fed at the same time as the wedding couples. This will usually be considered break time for them. The photographer will not have much time to travel elsewhere to buy food unless the break time is very long.

How much should I pay for wedding photography in Singapore?

Although there are no definitive answers to this, I can confidently tell you the range of prices that you should pay for your wedding photography services.

If you are only looking for wedding photography and not intending to hire a videographer, the prices would generally be between $1000 up till $2500 (this is the approximate pricing in Singapore for EITHER pre-wedding or actual day photo shoot, not both). There is such a variance in the prices because of 2 main reasons. The first reason would definitely be the quality of the wedding photographs. A top wedding photography company would definitely charge slightly higher but still reasonable and not dirt cheap prices – so you would be paying for the brand name in some cases. Secondly, some photographers or photography studios may provide you with more features in their packages – e.g. provision of a flush mount album e.t.c. Things like a flush mount album can be pretty expensive, so do not underestimate the costs you will incur if you want things like a beautiful looking flush mount album (which is scratch-proof and water-proof). In short, expect to pay between $1000 to $2500 for an actual day or pre-wedding photography package in Singapore. Naturally, you would need to pay double if you want both photography packages, which is what most couples do.

If you also want a videography package, then the pricing may differ significantly. It is approximately $1500 to $3000 for actual day wedding videography, and it is approximately $1500 up to $5000 for a pre-wedding concept video. This is because the videographers will also need to write a script and think of scenes to film both you and your fiance. These scenes would also usually need to be filmed against different backdrops and with different clothing. Because it may take more than 1 day to finish the filming of such a prewedding concept video, you can expect to pay significantly more. Fewer couples in Singapore opt for such a concept video, except for the more adventurous and fun-going ones. For others, I would just recommend you to definitely pick up the actual day wedding videography packages from the studio which services you’re engaging.

Wedding Photography Venues In Singapore For You

There are lots of exciting wedding photography venues in Singapore that you can and should explore for your pre-wedding photo shoot session.

The following are some of the best places that has suggested to us when I first got married with my wife. There are far more stunning places than you may think when it comes to Singapore. Despite it’s small size, it offers stunning landscapes and wedding photography venues.

henderson waves wedding photo shoot

A) Henderson Waves (Above photo credits to:

Located at the Southern Ridges, Henderson Waves make for a very beautiful background for your wedding photographs.

I would have to say that due to its structure and material, it looks very modern yet feels like it is part of nature at the same time. With its futuristic design yet wooden material, it makes for a truly astounding wedding photo shoot location in Singapore.

hort park

B) Hort Park (Photo credits to:

A less known park in Singapore, Hort Park looks really magical and mystical with the vast grounds, secluded roads, and the lack of any man made structures in the immediate surrounding vicinity. I think the Hort Park in Singapore makes for a very beautiful wedding photography venue – what do you think?

Seletar North Link

C) Seletar North Link (Photo credits to:

Another amazing wedding photography location in Singapore, Seletar North Link can be really inconvenient to get to, even by car. However, it is a really beautiful place with a mystical feeling to it. If you want something really different from the ordinary looking pre-wedding photographs that you usually see taken in Singapore, then Seletar North Link is definitely a good choice.

punggol beach


Getting ready for your pre wedding photography

The thought of prewedding photography will get people excited. Some people may be nervous about the procedures and poses during the pre wedding photography. Some people, especially the grooms, may dread about the need to wear thick clothes under the hot sun during the outdoor pre wedding photo shoot. Some people may not even be able to fall asleep at night visualizing the actual day of their pre wedding photography. All these are understandable as pre wedding photo shoot is after all most people’s first time taking part in a photo shoot uniquely set up for themselves. Moreover, we all want to look great during our wedding photo shoot and produce the most beautiful wedding photographs out there.

To calm your nerves and prepare for your pre wedding photo shoot so you do not mess it up during the actual day, these are some things you will need to do:

1. Research and practice some intimate poses with your spouse. During the pre wedding photo shoot, you will be required to carry out intimate poses with your spouse. If you are not good at posing or if you will feel shy to pose in front of strangers (i.e. the wedding photographer and passer-by), you may be displaying some awkward poses or expressions during the photo shoot. It will make your photographs look really awkward. To mitigate this issue, you can practice some intimate poses with your spouses beforehand. Get comfortable carrying out the poses with your spouse first. During the actual day, try to visualize and feel the same comfort level when you are carrying out the poses and ignore everyone around you.

2. Plan all the logistical needs for the pre wedding photo shoot for you and your spouse. Generate a list of all the essential items that you will need to bring to the wedding photo shoot. These include sets of suits and gowns, shoes, make up equipment, sunblock lotion and a towel (if you perspires easily under the sun).

3. Get ready contingency plans in case the wedding photo shoot cannot go according to the main plan. Discuss with your photographer on the alternative plan to take if certain events occur (such as rain and the location being unavailable to public).

Tips to source for wedding photographers in Singapore

There are so many wedding photographers in Singapore. The wedding photographers can be freelancing, working in a wedding photography company, or working in a general wedding studio. All of these independent wedding photographers, wedding photography companies and wedding studios advertise their wedding photography services aggressively in the market. There is little wonder that consumers are literally spoil for choice when they are browsing through the list of vendors offering wedding photography services in Singapore.

With so many wedding photographers out there, how do you find out the one that will best meet your requirement (in terms of professionalism and price)?

The first thing most people do is to ask for recommendations and referrals from their families and close friends. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. People trust the words of their families and close friends. Ask your family members and close friends whether they know any good wedding photographers around in Singapore and if they have personally used their wedding photography services in the past? If your family members and close friends have hired the wedding photographers in the past and continues to recommend their services, then chances are the wedding photographers are indeed good. If you managed to find a good wedding photographer that meets your requirements through your family and friends, then good for you! If not, you will have to try other methods.

You can also research about the wedding photographers yourself. Go online and research about all the available wedding photographers in Singapore. You will need to know their package details, prices, and reviews. Their package details and prices are usually listed on their websites. If not, you can send an email or make a call to the wedding photographers to ask about them. As for the reviews, you can check out review sites and forums to see comments about the wedding photographers. Ideally, you will choose a wedding photographer that meet your requirements and possess a good reputation online. If you are lazy and wants to settle the procurement of wedding photography service fast, you can sign up with the wedding photographer at this stage. If not, you may want to meet the photographers and test their skills by asking them difficult photography related questions and checking out their portfolio physically.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Inspiration

Here are some truly amazing looking wedding dresses I have found on the Internet all compiled into a single video on YouTube.

I know many women out there are scratching their heads over which wedding dresses they like will not go out of style within a few short years. That seems to be one of the worries that brides have. However, there is actually very little to worry about. Here are also some additional tips for brides out there.

– Pick a wedding dress which doesn’t look too ‘unique’. Generally speaking, if going out of fashion is your main concern, then you want to pick a safer dress and not just the wedding gown style which is in fashion at this particular point in time.

– Do not pick overly frilly or straight dresses. One style of the other would definitely be more popular only during certain points in history – and you do not want to go out of style within a few years or decades!

– If you are going to get more than one wedding gown, then make sure that one of them is white. For more than a century, the standard colour for wedding gowns is white. Therefore, if you venture anything outside of that, make sure you still have a wedding dress which is white.

– Even with all these advice, you want to pick a dress that best suits your personality and style.

With all that said, here are some questions you should always ask your bridal boutique before engaging their services.

What To Ask A bridal gown boutique

Before you go out and find your gown rental boutique in Singapore, there are several questions you should prep before hand. Here are absolutely important and essential questions that you need to ask your bridal gown boutique.

1) Always ask the bridal gown rental boutique when you can collect and return the gown. Some boutiques allow for the rental and pick up of the item only on the actual day of the photo shoot and you need to return at the end of the day. Other bridal boutiques in Singapore allow you to pick it up right away on the day of the booking and return it anytime within a few months.

2) Ask the bridal gown rental company how you can pick up the dress. This is because some bridal boutiques in Singapore might ask a courier to pick up your wedding dress and send it to your desired location on the actual day that you require it. On the other hand, some boutiques need you to go to their office and pick it up by yourself. It is better to always find out rather than to blindly assume anything in the end.

3) Ask if there are any free trying on of wedding gowns on the booking day. Some bridal boutiques like Dream Weddings usually will allow customers to try up to 2 times for free. The reason why some boutiques do not necessarily allow customers to try them on for free is because they need to send it for dry-washing each time. If the customers do not end up purchasing from them and yet try on many pieces of dresses, the boutique will make a big loss. Therefore, most bridal gown rental companies offer free trying ons, but only a limited number of it.

Finally, if you have not already noticed, most bridal dress rental companies in Singapore only focus on the bride. Some boutiques might not even offer a suit or tuxedo for the groom. If your groom has a great looking piece of suit or tuxedo, then opt for the package choice which does not provide a suit and rent only the bridal dress. This is usually much cheaper too.

Famous Singapore Wedding Photography And Videography Studios

Here are some of the most famous wedding photography and video companies in Singapore.

First up, it would definitely be none other than the one and only Grandeur Wedding Studio Pte Ltd. Situated at 16 Purvis St, Grandeur some has of the very best wedding photographers that I have met in Singapore. Possessing both technical photography skills as well as customer service skills, couples that have worked with Grandeur Wedding Studio Pte Ltd only have nothing but praises for them. They also provide discounts with affiliated gown rental companies, but let’s not focus on gowns today. One thing you might want to note though is that they only provide wedding photo shoots (both pre-wedding as well as actual day) in Singapore. If you want overseas (out of Singapore), then you need to get another studio to take photographs for you.

… Which then leads us to the second wedding studio I’m going to be sharing with you in this article – Nat Studios. Specializing in taking amazing looking wedding photographs at random countries around the world, Nat Studios takes vibrant looking wedding images for couples at places ranging from Paris in France to Kyoto in Japan.

serangoon broadway singapore

Our next wedding photography studio I’m going to be sharing with you specializes in indoor shoots – Serangoon Broadway Studio & Bridal Palace Pte Ltd. This company specializes mostly in indoor shoots (at least, to the best of my knowledge). They have amazing looking (wallpaper) backdrops which couples can choose from as the background of their wedding photos. I think Serangoon Broadway is a great choice for couples who prefer indoors and having the entire photo shoot over and done with within a shorter period of time instead of dedicating an entire day to it. When it comes to indoor shoots, it usually only takes 2-3 hours for a pre-wedding photo shoot. However, when it comes to outdoor shoots, it would be at least 5 hours long in length.